Hannah Rose Williams 5th Nov 2015
Hannah Rose Williams
The new book, Never Taste Death, just hit the market, and it's on sale! You can get it for $1.99! Absolutely all the money these books make in 2015 will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I'm hoping to raise $100 for the cure by the new year, so tell your friends why don'tcha!

Click here to read sample chapters.

The standalone Shatterrealm book, A World Awaits, is free with Kindle Unlimited! If you don't have that, it's half off here. Just enter this discount code: FZHA4QLB

Click here to read sample chapters.

The short story, White Lies, can be read in its entirety here! It takes place between A World Awaits and Never Taste Death, but you don't need to read any one story to understand the others. They just make it a richer experience!

Special thanks to Ken Prince for writing this great book blurb:

So much has happened since Carver's stay at TeenRec on Dimension Earth 12, caring for teen addicts in the name of a Jesus he was never sure of. At least he knows what he is now: human, and yet not human.

And now, he's back with Inter-D as another unwilling soldier in their army of Dimension hoppers, carrying out their missions across worlds for their survival. But, as he finds himself drawn back to the Dimension Earth 12, and the disaster he left there, he has no idea what lies before him.

All he does know, is that things never seem to go the way he wants them to.

Honestly I will probably hire this guy to edit my next work. He's very prompt and he knows what he's doing. If you're a writer interested in similar services, I highly recommend his fiverr account!
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moizmad 5th Nov 2015
Way to go Hannah Rose, nothing beats getting published!
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jerrie 6th Nov 2015
good luck with your new book!
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KarToon12 6th Nov 2015
Awesome! *adds book to her list of stuff to read*
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