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Hannah Rose Williams 10th Jan 2016
Hannah Rose Williams
Over a decade ago, I began writing Shatterrealm to satisfy some profound desire to tell a story about angry, weird people. It went through many drafts, and many offered insight and encouragement, but I couldn’t get any literary agents to bite. I finally decided to self-publish last year, telling myself I’d be content if just five people read it. Instead, sixteen did. To those sixteen people, I want to say thank you so much! I know my style isn’t for everyone and my writing is constantly improving. Thank you for the kindness, encouragement, and insightful reviews.

The U.S. and U.K. profits amounted to about $57, which has already been passed along to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. They have recently developed a treatment for cystic fibrosis that helps with lung capacity and nutrition, the exact problems that ultimately resulted in the death of a loved one a few years ago. CFF is making strides! And you were a part of it. Again, thank you so, so much.

May you have a happy 2016.

moizmad 10th Jan 2016
Well your doing $57 better than me hrw, but good for you and CFF!
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Stever 10th Jan 2016
So great to see you helping out!
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KarToon12 10th Jan 2016
Congrats! :D
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dpat57 12th Jan 2016
Congrats and well done!
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pseudo 12th Jan 2016
This page confused me until I read your comment. Good luck finding future readers and supporters!
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armandoB 20th Jul 2016
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UnfinishedArtComics 3rd Aug 2016
That's such a cool thing your doing!
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