Hannah Rose Williams was born in a time of financial upheaval for her parents. Growing up with very few toys, she quickly learned to draw to entertain herself. The majority of her childhood was spent in a redneck town of 700 people where Williams was usually barefoot in a creek or up a tree, and often on her own. Her parents supplied her with classic literature. When that dried up, she went to the local library -- an incredibly tiny building -- where she checked out the same books over and over. Soon, she decided she would just have to read the books she wanted to read.

As a teenager, Williams began to isolate herself. She knew that God loved her, but she had difficulty expressing her love for God and denied that she needed the companionship of other people. She was combative and insensitive. Finally, at the Association Free Lutheran Bible School, some fellow Christians broke through her emotional walls and she began to realize her head wasn't on straight. She is still sometimes combative and insensitive.

By night, Williams writes and illustrates Shatterrealm novels and comic books. By day, she works at a home for girls and women experiencing unplanned pregnancy. She lives in the Midwest United States with her husband, Jared, and their two children.

E-mail: shatterrealm@gmail.com