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Author Notes:
Hannah Rose Williams
Farewell to following one crazy lady around -- hello to following another!

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Hannah Rose Williams
EDIT: Fixed a typo. There was a toddler in my lap as I finished this one!

User comments:
dpat57 edit delete reply
That went swimmingly well! ★★★★★
Hannah Rose Williams
Lol I just noticed your blue checkmark! When did that happen?
dpat57 edit delete reply
Sorry just noticed this lol, folks in a couple of chat rooms and forums I hang out in were tweaking their avatars to mock the Twitter madness, it seemed funny at the time, too many people fired, though.
Hannah Rose Williams
As I understand it, it's now policy to hire way too many people so that when the company starts tanking, they can fire them all and say "look at all the money we saved!"
Hannah Rose Williams
The checkmark WAS funny. xD
Mrremoraman edit delete reply
Lol she has a way with words..

ALso: this is sounding sus. Like, it might end badly...
Skyangel edit delete reply
What kind of a world would it be without crazy ladees! XD
jerrie edit delete reply
we NEED crazy folks! I need someone to point a finger at, when folks say I'M crazy! I can then point, and say "I'm crazy? what about him? What about her?"
Hannah Rose Williams
Haha great point!!