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Author Notes:
Hannah Rose Williams
Sorry about the wait between pages! For those of you who haven't just read from the archives, Cassandra is choosing to let Jerry drown because of this conversation. He will likely never figure it out. In fact, I didn't even figure it out because I'm thick (like Jerry) and my husband is subtle (like Cassandra).

RIP Jerry

User comments:
dpat57 edit delete reply
At least she has the grace to look regretful. I'll believe Jerry's dead when I see his cold, pale, fish-nibbled body! ★★★★★
Skyangel edit delete reply
OMG! Much as I feel bad about Jerry dying, the thought of riding on that cool jet ski helps ease my sadness!
jerrie edit delete reply
LOL! neither one of those two can swim? THOSE guys! Jerry is not dead....he cant be...I believe in the power of JERRY!!!!
Holy Warrior 4 Jesus (Guest) edit delete reply
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Hannah Rose Williams
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