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Author Notes:
Hannah Rose Williams
Updates have been very slow lately, and I apologize for that... it's because the choose your own adventure book I wrote is being adapted to a video game! I've been busy writing new timelines, options, endings, and random disasters to make each gameplay a new experience, and I'm doing the graphics as well. I'll let you all know when it's available! It will be on Steam!

User comments:
calmcnichols edit delete reply
congratulations on the game development :)
jerrie edit delete reply
LOL! Well she busted in. its not like he was expecting company. I go pantless also in private.
RG2Cents edit delete reply
Wow! Congratulations!
hermenoodle edit delete reply
Awesome news with the game & book!

Can't wait how this story advances.
Hannah Rose Williams
Thank you kindly! Nice to see you again!