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Author Notes:
Hannah Rose Williams
Better ending than the original one a few pages ago? Yes or no?

User comments:
Mrremoraman edit delete reply
Tragic, man. But I guess he miscalculated the time between dimensions. Space time ain't constant, y'know!
Hannah Rose Williams
He jumped onto a ship moving at the speed of light, so relativity kicked in. That's why the people only seemed to come for the food every century or so.

Then he returned to a world where he'd fostered hatred for outsiders, and they killed him as an outsider. That part is his own fault. I liked this character but I don't feel bad for him!
jerrie edit delete reply
served him right, for what he did to those ladies, leaving a bomb for them.
Hannah Rose Williams
Indeed, he reaped what he sowed.
talon123 (Guest) edit delete reply
Hope to read more.
Malex edit delete reply
Satisfying ending to that arsehole.
Poetic and apt
Hannah Rose Williams
Thanks so much for all the feedback! :)