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Hannah Rose Williams
In 2008, I sketched a character and imagined the loose, superficial tale of a dimension hopper fleeing the Ex-D. I passed the idea along to my now-husband, Jared. He turned it into the heart-wrenching story of Kish, a young woman blaming herself for the destruction of her entire community, especially her little brother. We asked a friend to contribute to the art, but cystic fibrosis took his life in 2013. He was on my mind often as I completed the comic in 2016 with the help of an awesome artist going by Nick J.

2016 has been full of sad news worldwide as well as friends daring me to convince the that they should keep on living. Without the right job, without a spouse, without children, or status, or greater purpose, they view themselves as disposable. It's difficult to argue that all human beings are deserving of equal rights when we build our existence on such conditional foundations.

Whether it's the friend who sneers at civil rights movements or the friend who views unborn children as a threat to a woman's success, these despairing individuals in turn confide that they see no light at the end of the tunnel. First it was others who did not deserve to live. Then they wondered if they did.


We have allowed inconsistent ethics to threaten our self-worth. The right to life is conditional. Are you big enough? Old enough? Young enough? Wealthy? Healthy? Abled? Smart? Are you the right sex? The right race? Are you "contributing to society"? Is your record clean? How about your reputation? Some of us, for a short window, can say "yes" to all these questions. Even then, our value is constantly in doubt. We grow into perceived personhood and then it begins to slip away. Even the human at his best is at risk of being rendered chattel at the advent of some ubermensch.

There is an ubermensch, that is, one who is above other men. He made Himself like us. He set aside the luxuries of godhood to join our suffering, raise the bar for living, and pay a horrible price to "redeem us" or buy us back. All human beings have a set value: the life of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God. I pray you will come to know this with assurance. He died for all people and you are not an exception.

Hannah Rose Williams
User comments:
jerrie edit delete reply
2016 was terrible year for me personally. One of my family member's funeral was Monday after Xmas...then another family member's funeral was Monday after New Years Day. Since 2016 began...I have lost close family member after close family member. Early in 2016...I lost my little cousin at age 22. I used to teach her guitar when she was in her teens. after she died, We lost my my aunt(her grandmother)...then in the summer more family died. I hope 2017 is much better
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Very wise words that everyone should hear. <3
mladshiy edit delete reply
Yeah rough year huh. I've spent most of 2016 lying down on the floor like a trash trying to sync with cosmic energy. After praying for the world and thinking about ideas for the future, thats the only thing I could do. I've lost faith in humanity years ago (cant blame me: 9/11, Christians being killed per second most in Muslim countries, and same stuff like Tesla was rejected by companies because his invention will reduce a lot of sales like copper, iron,etc because he offers wireless electricity, and more stuff about losing faith in humanity). That might sound selfish to you but look I still care about the sane people who still can illuminate light for this world! Examples are those few brave and strong ones like this person I know, who write and draw a good web comic and at the same time, tells people that they have a right to be here because they're a human being! Man, I salute them who got no time and not being affected by stuff like racism, being bullied, Swastikas, not easily gets offended... like those WW2 heroes!
Hannah Rose Williams
@Jerrie! That sounds like such an exhausting year! I'm rooting for you. You deserve a break in 2017.
Hannah Rose Williams
@Kartoon12 you flatterer. ;)
Hannah Rose Williams
@mladshiy, I never had much faith in humanity to begin with. People have high ideals but they can't reach them. We're the source of our own troubles.

The thing about those persecuted Christians, though, is that they don't ask for the persecution to stop. They ask that we will pray for their strength and wisdom. They know the persecution makes them better Christians and they know it shows other people that Jesus is real. People ask, "Why is this worth dying for? How do they know it's true?"

I wish I were as strong as them. Hopefully I will have a better attitude when hard times come my way and I'll learn how to suffer alongside them. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
mladshiy edit delete reply
Arg I should make my grammar better and more specific next time. What I mean about the strong people is, I'm glad your'e here to encourage us like other strong people do. Keep everything up! Your'e a good inspiration.
Hannah Rose Williams
I suspected you were trying to compliment me, but I'm trying to stay humble!! :P :) Thanks.
Hannah Rose Williams
Leaving this here for posterity:

chris-tar edit delete reply
Thank you for helping me to realize the root cause of the world's problems, the value of all human life is built on "conditional foundations" like, status, wealth, education, skills, talents, social contributions, race, religion etc.
We should all be working together everyday to guarantee that everyone lives the most rewarding and meaningful life possible, but instead, we destroy each other.
In my opinion, this culture of hate and death begins at the very top of the pyramid where it is designed, and then indoctrinated into us in school and the media since childhood.
Only God can save us. Dear God please have mercy on the human race. Amen.
Hannah Rose Williams
Glad this was helpful to you! Our hearts are desperately sick, though we are also made in the image of God and we long to be good and do good. It's important to remember who our true Enemy is. People may declare themselves our enemies, but they are really members missing from the body of Christ. We all need each other. God wants to reconcile us to Himself.