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Author Notes:
Hannah Rose Williams
It has come to my attention that I draw heads way, way too big sometimes!

User comments:
jerrie edit delete reply
I'M the one that draw heads too big!I'll post a page..then look...and go OMG look at those heads!
Hannah Rose Williams
I disagree! I like the size of the heads you draw! But then what do I know, I went to the Bruce Timm school of art, where half the characters are just a balloon head with a spindly body trailing behind them.
jerrie edit delete reply
LOL!!! Your heads arent that bad at all.And your action scenes are great! I'm waiting for more explosions!
Hannah Rose Williams
I will make a note in my file: More 'splosions.
moizmad edit delete reply
Big heads make characters look small,
small heads make them look big! Go figure.
KarToon12 edit delete reply
The heads look the right size to me. :)
Catluckey edit delete reply
This is totally cool! Hahahaha...bootleg videos. This is like watching those new sci-fi series on TV. Your action scenes are a must to see. Luvin' your work, big heads, and the lost kids!
mladshiy edit delete reply
Got no problem about the head.