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Author Notes:
Hannah Rose Williams
Hey hey you you
I don't like your girlfriend
Hey hey you you
I think she enjoys violence

User comments:
moizmad edit delete reply
Not everyone loves a parade I guess.
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Welp. This is the last time I watch the Macy's parade.
jerrie edit delete reply
wow! shes violent! I ...I think I love her!
Z74 edit delete reply
Everyone's a critic!
mladshiy edit delete reply
Nothing personal...I hope.
AugustaCaesar edit delete reply
Very cool comic! Beautifully-drawn. Lots of violence. Sweet - I subscribed :)
felneymike edit delete reply
Violence! Violence! The greatest gift that I possess
Hannah Rose Williams
That reminds me, we're not exchanging Christmas presents this year.