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Author Notes:
Hannah Rose Williams
"Yes," he said without the slightest reluctance or doubt, because he's totally been living like a Christian up to this point.

User comments:
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Yeeeaaah....something tells me, no.

I think the real question should be, "Have you gotten those glowing green eyes examined?"
Hannah Rose Williams
Haha I should probably stop skipping the scenes where doctors ask if they can examine that physiology further.
Catluckey edit delete reply
Wow! So his past girlfriend intro'd him to Christ. Sooo cool! I wonder what happened to her.

Yeah, he's lookin' a bit shifty there with those blazing green eyes. Hehehehe...he knows what he's done! hehehehe
jerrie edit delete reply
great page...really love your work on the backgrounds.
Hannah Rose Williams
@Catluckey, what happened to Lisa is right here.

@Jerrie, that's something I've been working on! Thanks for the encouragement!
mladshiy edit delete reply
Is it Christian or Catholic?
Anyway your coloring technique stays fresh and "fade proof"!
Hannah Rose Williams
I'm glad one of us is happy with my coloring technique! ;)

I believe Catholics are Christians. But these are Protestants. The stained glass window is a Luther Rose.