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Author Notes:
Hannah Rose Williams
It's a sci-fi in case you forgot!

User comments:
AugustaCaesar edit delete reply
Ah, fantastic! I was wondering when we were going back to the sci-fi fun! ;)
Dragonrider edit delete reply
Better tactical move might have been to throw the portal up in front of the advancing Tangos, left them jump from the frying pan into the fire.
Hannah Rose Williams
Great idea! I'm sure there's a scenario in which that would work.
You sure are smart, by the way. Do you have personal experience dodging extra-dimensional border control?
KarToon12 edit delete reply
Even though I know you came up with this idea years ago, that portal reminds me of the portals they make in the recent Doctor Strange movie. XD
Hannah Rose Williams
I watched (and loved) that movie and didn't even notice! I'll have to look for it next time.

I had a similar moment when I first saw Stargate and thought, "Dang it..."
Hannah Rose Williams
Nothing new under the sun!
mladshiy edit delete reply
I love these special effects!