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Hannah Rose Williams
What do you believe?

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AugustaCaesar edit delete reply
I am down for parallel and alternate universes!

Aw, this was so bittersweet! <3
mladshiy edit delete reply
I believe History is determined by the victor!
And the "ugly" parts of history was hidden away from modern era. But thats only what I believe. What am I gonna do about it? Rewind time? Thats more expensive than traveling to somewhere where snow exist!

So she had a bro...

Hrwilliams (Guest) edit delete reply
@mladshiy, I believe that too. But I also believe the truth always comes out eventually. We can determine a lot more about reality than one might think within a reasonable margin of error. :)

Do you think there is a world where death has no power?
KarToon12 edit delete reply
And maybe there's a world... where we're all actually in a comic book...and other people read about our adventures and comment on them..?
Z74 edit delete reply
Nice page , happy new year
mladshiy edit delete reply
A world where death has no power...
Well right now I cant tell if theres any. At the moment I'll stick to the
"Life and Death. One cant exist without the other." or
"Death is the gift of life." or
"Death is the fruit of sin."
But I've heard theres this Multiverse with the "Quantum immortality" stuff. Boy if thats for sure, thats a world where death has no power~! Dag Nab It~! Am I making any sense? If not I'm sorry! Any road, you seem having fun with all these... mind bending questions! I like it!It revives my brain actually...sorry if I did not gave a good answer.