[A Foreign Disease]
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Author Notes:
Hannah Rose Williams
I want to say I'm so thankful to Jorge Mendez for all his hard work on this cover, and all his patience in seeing it come to fruition! Drawing that cluttered hovel of an apartment panel after panel got real dull, but it was so nice to be able to fall back on ol' Georgie's concept art. Go give him some love if you're on deviantART!

This story may seem like it was inspired by the Hong Kong riots or COVID-19. My husband and I actually came up with the idea way back in 2008! Let us know what you think.

User comments:
jerrie edit delete reply
nice cover art
Mrremoraman edit delete reply
DANG nice cover!

Making a comeback?
talon123 (Guest) edit delete reply
The comics are good. The story nice. I was hoping for more detail at times and other times if you took a bit more into certain scenes would make this a great story.