[A Foreign Disease]
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Author Notes:
Hannah Rose Williams
I want to say I'm so thankful to Jorge Mendez for all his hard work on this cover, and all his patience in seeing it come to fruition! Drawing that cluttered hovel of an apartment panel after panel got real dull, but it was so nice to be able to fall back on ol' Georgie's concept art. Go give him some love if you're on deviantART!

This story may seem like it was inspired by the Hong Kong riots or COVID-19. My husband and I actually came up with the idea way back in 2008! Let us know what you think.

User comments:
jerrie edit delete reply
nice cover art
Mrremoraman edit delete reply
DANG nice cover!

Making a comeback?
talon123 (Guest) edit delete reply
The comics are good. The story nice. I was hoping for more detail at times and other times if you took a bit more into certain scenes would make this a great story.
...(RockB) edit delete reply
What's that Jesus-commercial below the comments, are you somehow involved with that?

Of course it's a scam, there are no PSPs to "win" and there is no Jesus and no God as well.

I knew there would be no PSP before I clicked the commercial because I know that there is no God since about 16 years ago when I discovered a chain of... well... things as-true-as-the-Bible that led to the conclusion that the god of the Old Testament of Christian bible, as described in said bible, cannot possibly exist.

For some years(!!) following that discovery I asked around and nobody had an answer. Jehovah's Witnesses are the only group of Christians that are somewhat accessible about it, from all others I just got stuff that has nothing to do about the problem or nothing at all, but they also couldn't explain it. After 7 years of asking and thinking about it, the only possible outcome of getting no answers was that there are no answers. Then everything fell into place: Since the god of the bible doesn't exist, the bible was purely man-made from start to end, no god was involved in its making. But it claims to contain God's word and it claims to be true and (unlike other, non-christian religions) it claims to be the only truth - which nails down that it is a lie.

Since then my problem is: Should I let people spread these lies without trying to counter them? And my answer is: No. Not if I can at least tell that it's a lie.

IMHO people can believe whatever they want but as soon as they try to use scams like the one about PSPs and claim as all other are wrong, it becomes borderline criminal. And there's my limit.
The Letter M edit delete reply
The Letter M
What do you mean, Rock? I got my PSP. I'm sitting on my cloud in heaven playing it right now. Are you sure you put your credit card number in right? Hahaha. Xxx. Love you, buddy.
Hannah Rose Williams
"I couldn't find answers to my questions, therefore there are none." Questions are not arguments and cannot support your position.

As you haven't made any clear arguments, I can't begin to engage with them. Sorry the only Christians you knew were dumb. If Jehovah's Witnesses seemed intellectual by comparison, I fear they were very, very dumb.
...(RockB) edit delete reply
> "I couldn't find answers to my questions, therefore there are none." Questions are not arguments and cannot support your position.

No, I asked the ones who claimed to be experts or at least knowledgeable on the matter. For several years, merely because I couldn't believe that no one noticed what I did. So if the (self-declared) experts don't know the answer to my question, who else (do you think) would? God HimSelf maybe?

> Sorry the only Christians you knew were dumb. If Jehovah's Witnesses seemed intellectual by comparison, I fear they were very, very dumb.

There were pastors among them. From different Christian churches, not only the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Want to have a go at it? Just say yes - I didn't want to put a lot of effort into explaining something nobody is interested in.
Hannah Rose Williams
P.S., the .gif at the bottom of the screen is just something I found floating around the internet. It is clearly, CLEARLY a joke, ya ding dong! 😆
...(RockB) edit delete reply
CLEARLY, someone put some effort into the text behind that joke-gif. I didn't read all of it, it is long and contains several further links, some apparently to videos and whatnot. IMHO a lot of effort for a joke. Why is there a link to something further at all if it is a joke and you found it floating around the internet?
And... I have met people who are just so "intellectual" to make such things for real. Of course with no PSP or anything to "win" but as a serious attempt drag people into some cult. (There are also some who would do this for a joke, but from what I got (personal experience and internet), the serious fanatics CLEARLY outnumber the jokers, so the likelihood of this being a joke wasn't that high, especially not with the long text behind it.)
...(RockB) edit delete reply
In addition instead of an edit: In the comments on page 26 you confirmed that the page behind that .gif is not a joke. So you are one of those who would use even a hilarious and CLEARLY obvious scam to get people to read about your cult.

On the other hand, some people are so immersed in their beliefs that their REALM would get SHATTERED once they learn that it's a lie.

So: Ask for it if you think your faith is invincible or if you want to learn the truth. Don't ask for it if you have doubts in your faith and you rather keep believing in Jesus Christ and that Christian god no matter whether it's the lie or not.
You see, I'm hereby asking for your permission to present my proof. That is all.