A brief look at how the fantasy genre began and how it is generally defined.
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VOLARI (2013)

Mad with boredom, Camella tries everything to escape her situation in a dull spaceship. She's on her way to be condemned in a mock trial. Her captor, a dry-witted android, reveals why. A standalone taking place during The Conduit. (Warning: language)

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WHITE LIES (2009-2014)
Out of touch with her Chippewa heritage, Ember Monroe thought she was interested in neopaganism, but when she agrees to meet a druid friend, she discovers a new "family" called the White Planet -- a family with power.

Takes place before Never Taste Death.
(WARNING: language, brief violence, sensuality, ideologically sensitive.)

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These teleplays by Jared R. Williams feature the fugitive-hunting robot Amadeus and a few other characters who appear in The Conduit. This high school writing exercise still holds up as an early look at the Shatterrealm co-series, Starboard Side.



101: Unbroken
102: Broken
103: The Chase
104: The Conductor
105: Ascension
106: Reflection
107: Echoed Voices
403: Record

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