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In the beginning, God created. Man destroyed. And the universe was shattered.

Carver isn't as human as he seems. Though he doesn't know why he has green blood, a sixth sense, and a little device that opens portals to other worlds, he does know that it isn't safe to go looking for answers. A xenophobic militia is trained to execute "dimension hoppers" on sight.

When estranged siblings crash the quiet rehab clinic where he works, Carver can no longer hide his identity -- or run from his fate.

ISBN-13: 978-1502767844 | ISBN-10: 1502767848

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SHATTERREALM: Never Taste Death

In the beginning, God created. Man destroyed. And the universe was shattered.

Carver hates that he still works for the Alliance of Dimension Travelers. But he's gone into debt to provide for his family, and deserting the army would also mean deserting the only home Carver has ever known: Kristi. As escape seems less and less likely, an old acqaintance contacts him with a desperate plea for help. Dimension Earth 12 is in trouble. So is a closed-off world called Lenovra. The Ex-D have a new ally with abilities that defy explanation.

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All proceeds from Nov. 2015-Dec. 2016 will go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


“... A good sci-fi story... Highly thought-out... A place where many other stories can take place... A nice step in the right direction towards bridging the gap between people groups... Bring on book two!” — Paul Nelson

“... A pretty refreshing change of pace... Incredibly fleshed out... the various concepts and themes of religion feature heavily throughout, and whether you're a religious person or not, the characters’ various viewpoints on God and creation really makes you think about who and what we are in relation to the whole of the universe... Part sci-fi, part fantasy, part religious, and part philosophical, I definitely recommend this. It really makes you think about life and existence itself, wrapped up in an action/adventure... I can't wait for the next book!” — Anothony Knoll

"It's well-paced and well-written... It kept me on my toes and guessing! ... You'll not regret giving it a read! (And if you're like me, you'll use your entire day off reading it from beginning to end!)"
— Nicole K.

"Right off the bat we're thrown into a world where everything seems utterly normal, and yet is not. We're given clues to the world slowly, drip fed them like an espresso machine that knows we're not going anywhere until we've had our fill. This is a book that not only wants to be read, but convinces you that not reading it [is] somehow wrong... This is a book that you will want to read and not put down... It's made me late to work for three days. Curse you Hannah Rose Williams, you devilish poet of the pen! You owe me three working hours and a sequel!"
— Jake Sjet

"I enjoyed the high level of action and the development of the characters, watching them evolve over time... I liked how otherworldly and action-packed the story was... It was definitely very believable, well-written, and spiritually nourishing... I think I may need to read it a second time... It is quite complex." — Stephanie Williams

"You ... [present] Christian Sci-Fi in a way that's both extremely believable and high quality! You have a great gift for realistic setting and you don't shy away from the tougher situations that just make up life. I really admire that, especially since it can be really tough to talk about those issues at all. I'm completely blown away by how developed your world and characters are, on all levels! ...Extremely well done and very fun to explore and imagine."
— Jamie

"It really sets a steady mood... It's a wonderful read. I like the looming mystery of who the mother is, who her children are, and where in the universe the story might be taking place."
— Jaguar

"Expected to find it a bit naff as many such new writings are, but I was really hooked - great work! Do you have more...?"
— Amazon of Exeter

"It's a great and interesting idea... Well-developed... It's fairly unique to have fantasy and 'Christian' writing in the same story. You seem to do it well... A good read; keep it up."
— Ken Prince

"...It reminded me of the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, which I read and loved... but your story being like an urban/futuristic version... I liked that you have not one or two but four main characters. This makes the story more complex and diverse..."
— Pedro Teixiera

“More more more! A World Awaits was very well-written, my favorite part being how quickly the characters became real to me with their human flaws and realistic development. I couldn't put it down. I hope the second part is coming soon!”
— Sarah Nelson

"...Actually very compelling."
—Theo Heino